Telangiectasia is a condition where your small, linear red blood vessels (broken capillaries) are visible to the naked eye. It commonly affects the easily seen areas of your body, due to the fact that they are the most exposed. Your lips, nose and cheeks can be most affected by telangiectasia. It’s a condition in which your widened, tiny blood vessels cause threading of red lines and patterns on your skin. This is in contrast to blue visible small blood vessels (called venulectasia; both commonly referred to as “spider veins”).

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Telangiectasia Treatment

This is a benign skin condition that often occurs in otherwise perfectly healthy people. However, in some cases it can be a symptom of a more serious illness, so it’s best not to let them go ignored. If you suffer from telangiectasia, it can be worsened by skin irritation, such as abrasive sponges and soaps.

Causes of Telangiectasia

The exact causes of telangiectasia are unknown, but more and more research is suggesting that genetics and the environment (most likely a combination of both) have something to do with it. The wide belief among industry experts is that sun damage and chronic exposure to heat or cold are the key contributors to telangiectasia.

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